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Third Daily Bell Interview
The Daily Bell is pleased to present this exclusive interview with Antal Fekete.
Author: Prof. Antal E. Fekete

Daily Bell: Will you bring out more material on your theory of economic oscillations and resonance? How about a history of real bills?

Antal Fekete: The history of gold bills is treated adequately in the literature. I am working on my treatise entitled The Rise and Fall of Credit, to be published in German next year, in which I give a full treatment of the theory of economic oscillations and resonance, and the destructiveness of the latter as it becomes self-boosting.

Daily Bell: Are you in the midst of a truce with the Misesians, or does the Cold War continue? You called the "altercation" a "tragic waste of talent" in the past. Status quo?

Antal Fekete: I do mean it literally. There should be a dialogue instead of altercation. Mediaeval theologians had endless dialogues on the question how many angels can simultaneously dance on the tip of a needle. Our dialogue ought not to be like that. It would be about something on which the future of all of us, and that of our children and grandchildren, indeed the survival of our civilization vitally depends.

Daily Bell: Thank you for the interview.

Antal Fekete: Thank you for the searching and penetrating questions.

Note: This is a revised version of the original interview, dated November 7, 2013.

Copyright: www.professorfekete.com and www.dailybell.com

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