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Specialist Literature On Monetary Economics

Feb. 2014
> Prof. Antal Fekete: From Gold anchor to Gold anvil
Prof. Antal Fekete: From Gold anchor to Gold anvil

Beginning of a 17-part video series, with a new episode every Tuesday. Learn about the economic and societal connections that the inventors of the current monetary system don’t want you to know about.

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Jan. 2013
> Prof. Antal Fekete: Switzerland and the monetary crisis in Europe
Prof. Antal Fekete: Die Schweiz und die Währungskrise in Europa

«In this paper, I describe how Switzerland can play a positive role in the present unprecedented monetary and financial crisis in Europe, in helping stabilize the currencies of European countries by remobilizing gold...»

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Jan. 2013
> Prof. Hans J. Bocker: Liberty Through Gold
Prof. Hans J. Bocker: Quo vadis, Geldsystem?

As in all past crises, gold will play a key role in the painful and inevitable process of recovery.

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Nov. 2012
> Ron Paul: Farewell Speach to Congress, Nov. 14th 2012
Congressman Ron Paul's Farewell Speech to Congress

US-Congressman Ron Paul's final speech on the House floor before leaving Congress after 23 years in office.

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